Our mission is to make life better for seniors and their families. Moving a senior from a lonely or unsafe environment improves the quality of life for that senior and everyone who loves them.

The Garrett Foundation Placement Fund was developed to support seniors and their families who require assistance moving into or remaining in a community which offers memory care services or assistance at home with non medical home care services.

Once we have a steady number of job placements to build the fund, there will be an application process for both organizations who want to participate, and for seniors in need of these services.  We anticipate funding to kickoff in July 2017 one year from our launch date.

The explosion Senior communities will create an opportunity for Garrett Foundation to partner in almost every city. Cost of care continues to rise, and this is the single biggest issue for seniors in need of care. This is particularly problematic for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other dementia related diseases.